Terms and Policies

Handmade Products

I have developed the recipes for the soaps and products listed on this site.  I have tested these products on myself and my friends and family, in our respective water parameters.  All people are different and have different skin needs and preferences.  Also water hardness or softness can impact the performance of soap.  Please use with your own discretion and read all listed ingredients for potential allergens.  All products are made in my home which contains all manner of food allergens, as well as pets and people.

All the products sold on this website are handmade.  Each product has a weight listed in the description.  Because each item is hand cut and hand poured, the weight is listed on the product description as, "at least ___".  The actual product will have the actual weight on the packaging.  This weight will likely be above the weight listed on the description, but will not be less than the listed weight.

Not all soaps/products will be exactly the same.  Because each product is handmade, there will be variations.  Each one is a unique snowflake, if you will.  Enjoy your products!  There are no others exactly like them.

Returns and Refunds


Because these products are meant for the skin, I can not accept returns.  Please contact me directly if you are dissatisfied.  


If there is a problem with your order before it is shipped, please contact me.  If your order has already been shipped, unfortunately I can not make changes.  If for some reason you never receive your order, but USPS has verified it has been delivered, unfortunately, there is no way for me to verify that, and therefore, no refund will be given.  If you are concerned about an order getting to you for any reason, please contact me, and we may be able to set up a separate delivery option for you.